6. Challenges of engagement

In this module, you'll spend time at the start of the session thinking about possible problems that might arise during stakeholder engagement, and what that might mean for the conduct and results of their reviews. The session will then cover major challenges and problems that can arise during stakeholder engagement. We will discuss the potential impacts of problems during engagement on systematic reviews. We will also cover important considerations that should be made when planning stakeholder engagement.

Learning objectives

  • To consider problems, challenges and risks of stakeholder engagement
  • To understand some of the major limitations, challenges and risks of stakeholder engagement
  • To be aware of methods that can be used to mitigate these challenges and limitations

Practical exercise

To begin with, take some time to consider what you think might be some of the main challenges assocaited with stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews and maps. Visit the course forum here to write a short paragraph or bullet point list of the challenges you come up with.

Next, watch the following presentation.

You can find the lecture handouts here.

Now that you've completed the main part of the course, take the short test to consolidate your understanding of what we've covered.