2. Why engage with stakeholders?

Learning objectives

  • To consider potential benefits of stakeholder engagement
  • To understand the justification for and role of stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews
  • To appreciate the benefits of engaging with stakeholders on the review and its communication
  • To understand the different modes of engagement from informing to empowering
  • To appreciate why most systematic reviews will aim for ‘co-design’

Practical exercise

In an initial practical exercise, you'll spend some time thinking about what the benefits of engaging with stakeholders might be. Head back to the discussion forum here and write down your thoughts about the key reasons for engaging with stakeholders during an evidence synthesis project. Once you've done, check out other people's thoughts - how do yours compare with others?

Now, we'll take some time to discuss the main benefits of stakeholder engagement in its different forms and will discuss at what stages these benefits are important. We will consider benefits separated across different types of stakeholders and across disciplines.

To begin, watch the following presentation.

You can find the lecture handouts here.

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